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What follows is a Farewell Message. So read it if you want to.
To anyone who is reading this :
I'm in a Situation which doesn't allow me to use social networsk as much as i used to.
I have an upcoming university entry exam in 9 months and I need to study real hard.
I don't have spare time to spend on Telegram, Instagram and Twitter. I can no longer spend countless hours watching youtube videos. and this also means no more Gaming.
I want to apologize for any inappropriate behaviour I had toward you in social media.
I always meant well and had no intention to harm you in any way but still I want to ask for your forgiveness. Accepting the Most Sincere Apology message I've written ever is up to you.
Thanks for reading the whole essay, I really apperciate it.

Hamid "Checker" Sadeghpour. (Aka... H8ME)
September 22nd.
Over and Out.

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